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Changelog for Update 1.7 (29 June 2020):

- Official French and Spanish translations have been added.
- Auto-saving has been added. This can be disabled in the options menu.
- Three save slots are now available in the options menu.
- Various bug fixes and optimizations have been made to the engine.
- The mouse is hidden in game.
- The game detects if you fail the fishing tutorial.
- Button mashing has been made more effective when reeling in fish.
- Physics have been tweaked to make the player less slippery.
- Momentum is no longer cancelled if you flap your wings after jumping on a bouncy flower.
- Terrain rendering has been optimized.
- Fixed another round of typos.
- When speedrun mode is activated, you can hold the right bumper (or backspace on keyboard) to automatically skip text.
- The splash screen has been updated.

Standalone installers updated (1.4.1 ⇒ 1.7.7): 30 June 2020.
A future update to include achievements is possible? I love this game!
Patias: A future update to include achievements is possible? I love this game!
If you are interested there are ingame achievements.
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Update 1.8.2 (18 August 2020)

To celebrate the Switch release of the game, I'm releasing a small free content update to all current platforms!

Just drop by the local rental shop and the boat can be yours for the whole afternoon! Speed around the waters of Hawk Peak Provincial Park with style in this totally adequate 2003 aluminium motorboat!

Thanks for playing, and take care!
Changelog for Update 1.8.7 (24 September 2020):

Hello there!

I've released a small update today that adds Japanese language support and fixes a few bugs!
You'll no longer (hopefully?) be able to glitch out the fishing boat - it was nice while it lasted!

Standalone installers updated: 1.8.2 ⇒ 1.8.7.