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I am not a native speaker and usually I am not very sensitive about the dubbing quality; for example I got no problems at all with "A whispered world..."

But this one is really bad, in some points it seems to hear the plain voices in the book audio CD for learning...
I know it is nothing new; but I was shocked... I hardly believe it is possible to do a such emotionless and contextless dubbing...
I second that, especially with the actress who is the voice of Fay.
I didn't find it to be that bad... what specifically did you have issue with?
I know earlier versions of the game did suffer from a very poor English localization, however when I played (the Steam version) this year it was of very good quality.

Faye's voice actress did have a slightly nasal quality to her voice but I thought it well chosen and suited the character. Her intonation and expression was smooth and sounded natural. If you mean she doesn't get overly emotional I thought that was due to the way she was acted as well. She is generally a rational character and doesn't often get riled up or excited this mirrors her behaviour in the game.

The other voice actors did do so when occasion merited. And their intonation and stress patterns in their sentences were fine as well. Even the Swedish and Brazilian/Argentinian(?) character. The accents clearly showcased their region of origin with slightly adjusted vowel sounds and common issues with consonants (like the fricative sounds).

So I'm curious as to what it was that actually bothered you? Any more details?
I recommend the original German version, the voice-acting is professional