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Hello,i hope someone can help me,i just bought the English version yesterday,i want to play with English voices and Spanish subtitles but i cant select language in the main menu of the game,i need to download some kind of patch for Spanish subtitles? if so,please post the link here for download,thanks!
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You can download the Spanish pack the same way you downloaded the game: "My account" --> "A New Beginning".
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I don't think it's possible to have the audio in one language and the subtitles in another. I wish there was, as the english voice acting is so poor I actually came here looking for a way to enable ANY other language's audio, while using english subtitles - but I'm coming up dry. Looks like it's one language/subtitle per language pack - and further, now that I've downloaded the german pack, it's overwritten the english one. Honestly, I probably will just sweep this game under the rug..
The Spanish Pack only enables Spanish subtitles and menu, but the audio is still in English.
Wow, that's weird. If the Spanish version only has subtitles in Spanish, why does it not use the German voiceovers then? Why would anyone want to play the English translation (with their stale voiceovers), subtitled with the Spanish translation? That means you'll get the worst of both worlds - your native language is only supported in subtitles and then the foreign-language voiceovers you have to listen to aren't even good or original ...