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Once I get to Brazil I can no longer save the game.

I can access the save menu, but when I click on an open (or used) save slot nothing happens.
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Yes, it seems this is happening to everybody. You can still save the game using quicksave, though (F9 to save, F12 to load).
And Autosave is also still working. But I agree, it's an annoying bug.
i have the same problem any idea?
I have the same problem, my Autosave is not working.
Can someone give me a save file for beginning of chapter 7 (or chapter 6 so I dont have to replay from chapter 4). I'm on a Mac and PC saves seem not to work.
Same problem here.
I couldn't save the game from the latter of chapter 6.
It's really a shame because game itself is awesome.
same problem here :(
You can work around this by quitting the game. Then when you restart it choose Continue from the main menu.
Same problem here... in Chapter 6 Part 2 :(
Same here.

I also had an issue with the bomb defusing puzzle, I guess the "skip" button is a sort of "workaround". Did the guys at GOG test it before selling it?

I won't even bother to ask the same about Daedalic: apart from the graphics, the game is bad. Bad voice acting, boring and slow-paced story, illogical puzzles, and a load of unnecessary eco propaganda. Never again.
same here, but my autosave still work
Yup, apparantly this bug is still present in the patched version, even though I just found out that it was already reported on the German Daedalic forums back in December 2012, and the moderator said he passed it on and expressed his hope that a solution would soon be found ...

It's also a pretty grave bug. I was grateful to learn that the Autosave still works, because nothing kills the fun in a point and click adventure faster than a tour de force against one's will; the puzzles become a chore and the dialogues annoying if you really just want to go to sleep, but you have to stay up all night to finish the game in one go. ;)
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Can't save anymore, can't quicksave, no autosave...
Apart from that, the technic (?) in the game is horrible. Sometimes I can't klick at objects, so I have to leave the place and go back. Some cutscenes were played twice after revisiting special locations.
To sum it up, this game is a big disappointment for me.
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