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On my MAC Mini I cannot use the selection wheel to make choices. I should be able to select options but the mouse dosnt respond to movement.
The solution to play in Windowed mode works, but this is a workaround not a fix, and a poor one at that.
I don't want to play games in a postage stamp size window on my 24" Monitor and 8Gb I5 Mac Mini.

Really annoyed with this. Can sombody form GOG reply and tell me what the plan is?
Are you..
a) Going to ignore this and assume Windowed mode is fine for MAc users?
b) Get a fix from the devlopers?
c) Refund me for a product I cannot use as expected

If the option is to ignore this problem, then it sets a very poor precedence for MAC users.
Would it be fixed if it were a Windows issue I wander?

I have the same problem. Hope someone with a solution reads this soon. Sorry I can't be of more help!
Same has happened for me! Please fix it, I have a Macbook Pro, and the selection wheel is not working! Dont set a bad precedent for Mac users, Please make a patch!
Same thing here.. But I haven´t tried play in window mode. Hope AT LEAST that works..