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Anyone know?
This question / problem has been solved by rowleys84image
Played a bit and the achievements now work.
I just installed the "GOG Final" version with both DLCs and am trying some Mods for the first time. Having an issue running about half of them so far. Magic Academy is missing the first Time Piece, making it impossible to progress. I watched a YT vid and can see where it is supposed to be. The Beta Hero Challenge level just makes the game crash. I wish I had kept my older version offline installers to test this out but I deleted them awhile back.
Installed v1.12 from a backup I found but still same issue for me. After trying some more mods, many of them have the same issue, so I guess one of the earlier updates must have broken them.
Sorry for another post but it deserves to be said, that after playing a bit and testing out mods on both versions 1.12 and GOG Final, that the Final version seems more stable and seems to run a little smoother. I had issues with the same mods on each version but the ones that did work gave me less issues on this newest release.