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The screenshot issue has been a thing since release.
PlebSwindel: The screenshot issue has been a thing since release.
Yes, I 'm aware. The first update was supposed to fix it (mentioned in the changelog) but it didn't. I don't know when they will finally acknowledge this problem and do something about it.
Green_Shade: Yep, I still have that issue. They released a patch that was supposed to fix it, but it doesn't seem to have successfully worked.
JohnnyGui: It's truly remarkable how long the devs are ignoring this issue. I have sent 3 emails to them linking to each thread stating this issue and yet I haven't heard anything from them apart from that they can not reproduce the issue at their end. There is a thread on Steam about it and it's mentioned on the Discord channel of the game as well.

Perhaps one can try the screenshot function with the new Windows April Update?
Still an issue as far as I can tell with the current version. Just checked it out using the latest version. (Update 2, 05 April 2018)
Documents> GOG Galaxy > Screenshots (but yeah ,, thats for Galaxy app)
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