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I arrived at chapter 4 a few months ago and was somehow distracted by other games. :) Now I noticed that my save games are miraculously gone and I have to restart if I want to finish the game (many other games are waiting, so I want to use my time wisely).

Would someone be so kind to upload a save at chapter 4 or maybe shortly before for me? Thanks!
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I just got to chapter 4 and made a save from the beginning of the chapter. Thing is I'm not sure where the save files are saved, any idea? I'm on macOS btw.
Try these files, I'm not sure which one is chapter 4 but it's named chapter 4 in-game so should be hard to miss.

sendspace dot com/file/0qupyr
Thanks a lot!

For those who want to know where the saves are located on Windows: C:\Users\<Win-Username>\Saved Games\A Golden Wake