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i am going to get so slammed for this one... sorry....

i Purchased 8-Bit Armies, Hordes and Invaders the Day they all came out. BUT... before i got around to installing them.. Updates started rolling out for each one. Well.. that made me hesitate on installing the games. Well... Here it is... What... a year or so later..??? 8-Bit Armies just came out with another Update... i STILL have NOT installed that game and tried it out.... for fear that it might not work right or might damage my system...

When is the right time to give the 8-Bit Series a try?? i REALLY Want to play ALL 3 games.
i promise that i usually don't think of such things like this... i run all kinds of crazy programs on my PC all the time.
But...i mean... 8-Bit Armies.. It was like.. i bought it.. Decided to download the next day.. and before i could install it..
There was already an update for it.... Hmm.. smells kind of fishy to me... i guess i'm just being a little paranoid.

OR... it could be that the Developers are listening to Everyone.. and are packing in all the great suggestions and ideas that the community has given into the game to make it a more fun experience.?? Maybe??
i know.. just pucker up butter cup... just go install the darn thing and give it a go.....
It's probably a really great game.. and You will Love it..... Really!!!

Thanks for giving me a minute of your time. i do feel much better. i think.?
NOW... if i could just bring myself to quit playing "The Witcher 3" -- Really Enjoy that Game!!!

Oh.. Yeah... This is my 1st time posting on the GOG forums.. Sorry if i Over Did It..!!!!!
AND --- Very Sorry if this is just too stupid to deal with... i have to blame it on where i am from...
i live in Alabama, USA... and You know that down here in the South we are all a bunch of Red Necks.
Actually... i'm just a dumb ole Country Boy that grew up on a farm.
But now i live in the big city.. and i am a Classically Trained Musician that works on PCs...
OK..i know... TMI...Got it...., Thanks, David, ThunderBoyDavid
Post edited February 28, 2017 by ThunderBoy
I don't know if you meant to sound a little bit satirical there...

Anyway - there's nothing 'fishy' or 'suspicious' with frequent updates. The developers are awesome and they're providing a lot of new content/balance changes every week or two. Thus the game updates. They can be bought and played separately, so every time the update happens, all 3 of them are getting updates simultaneusly.

Don't hesitate and install the game - enjoy the fun! :-)