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Hey everyone!

We've added some great features to help co-op players achieve victory against the AI in our 12-mission Co-Op campaign. In addition to giving players the ability to build near allied structures (last week), you can now send cash to a struggling player that might be behind financially. We've also added a feature to ping the radar map to alert your allies of a potential threat or goal. Finally, we've made a few of the campaign missions a little more reasonable in terms of difficulty. So, find a buddy and get in there and give it another try!

You'll also notice a new tray of selected units in the lower left, and a list of all players in multiplayer games in the upper right. Both of these new displays can be minimized by clicking the close arrow and F5 keys, respectively.

As usual, there are also a number of minor fixes we've made which were reported to us over the last week.

Take a look, let us know what you think, and have fun. Most importantly, thanks to all of you that helped make this update possible!


GAME UPDATE #7 - 05/12 @ 16:15 (PST):


* (Player Request): Added a command bar in lower left which shows selected units. Can be hidden or unhidden, and units can be selected from within the group by selecting the sub-group.
* (Player Request): Players can send money to friends playing on the same team. Can use the button in the upper right corner to bring up a special UI for this, or just click any allied unit or structure and click the “Insert” key.
* (Player Request): Players can now ping the map with offensive and defensive pings. Default hotkeys for this are Alt-G and Ctrl-Alt-G, but we are looking to set these to something else in the future.
* All player names are now shown in the upper right corner (used to be just players with nukes). Can be turned on/off/minimized by hitting the F5 key.
* Added social buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

* Co-Op campaign mission 1 and 2 difficulty were adjusted to make them more reasonable (especially for the first two co-op missions!)
* All Co-Op campaign missions: AI no longer attempts to kite making it easier for players to use harvesters to crush AI infantry easier.
* Added support for local player crate effects with HUD voice notifications.
* Experimental audio fix for ASUS Xonar shutdown audio issues.
* Changed video default to borderless fullscreen windowed. This will solve problems for some new players. This affects everyone, so just adjust back to your previous settings if you prefer.
* Added check for "Enter" press while in the password entry dialog.
* When hosting while logged into GOG, the hostname field now shows the proper GOG name not the computer name.
* Fix for unpowered turret animations playing when not supposed to.
* Added additional error messages for when joining a custom match fails.
* Better handling of unicode player names.
* Fix for nuke timer display showing correctly after a loaded save game.
* Fix for unit production time being cut when transferring production between factories while unpowered.
* Updated faction UI colors to be more legible in chat interface.