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GAME UPDATE #12 - 06/08 @ 14:00 (PST):


Another update based on your ongoing feedback. We made a number of balance changes with the emergence of our second faction THE GUARDIANS, and now we're implementing some additional balance changes based on the gameplay and game reports we've been receiving.

Give it a try, and let us know what you thing. And if you're having any problems (bugs, crashes, or whatever) - please let us know! We're here for you guys and want to get you up and running whatever the issue might be.


* Hooked up hard objective star textures so you have a visual indication if you complete missions on hard difficulty
* Fixed several Guardians tooltips that referred to “Air Control” instead of “Drone Center”
* When setting default factory via setting the rally, set the default factory to the closest factory of each selected type
* Improved error handling for invalid maps
* Handle maps that are already in the process of downloading correctly
* Fixed issue on Arctic Assault map preventing ground direct-fire units from firing across water areas
* Adjusted the low pitch on the burning death scream SFX to be normal, so samples would not be as long and drawn out
* Reduced the audible range a bit from "large" to "medium" (These are still audible in fog of war)
* Potential fix for attack moves stopping too early
* Server-side improvements to handle even larger player armies
* Adjusted crates in campaign to give engineers that are of the same type/faction
* Fixed save/load issue related to stealth tanks and drones
• Fix for GoG players trying to play DLC when they are logged out of Galaxy

* ROCKET CAR: Health reduced by 25%
* RENEGADES ARTILLERY: Damage vs. vehicles reduced by 25%
* AA DRONE: Health reduced by 40%, Build cost increased to 60 (was 50)
* GRENADE INFANTRY: Damage vs. vehicles increased by 50%, Increased projectile speed by about 20%
thank you for the support. I love the second faction