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Happy New Year guys!

After a few quick fixes for 8-Bit Invaders immediately after release we're now focusing on the bigger picture related to balance and functionality changes that you've made us aware of.

In terms of fixes, we're really happy with everything we've knocked out in the last few days and we're excited to have you try out these latest changes. (Note quick changes were the ones that pushed this update to #32 for those for those of you counting at home ^_^;)

Also, noticed you guys started a Change Log thread, should I start posting these there from now on?

- The tooltip for the Gorgon no longer incorrectly states that it can crush.
- The radar blip for Invaders harvesters has been increased in size such that you can see them underneath the resource point icons.
- Fixed issue with Hordes and Invaders harvesters where crushable units would run away from them even though they can't crush. This general only happens when playing against a Hard or Insane AI.
- Fixed passability issue on Orc-Jaw Ford map causing harvesters to be unable to dock at some resource nodes.
- The Destroyer pit tooltip no longer says it needs power.
- Potential fix for allied AI not respecting the factions 1-4 resource node "tap" mechanic, also system should not assign initial harvesters to a node more than once.
- The allied harvester resource node "tagging" duration has been increased, which should prevent Invaders factions from stealing from their allies. Armies harvesters increased to 30 seconds (was 20); Hordes harvesters increased to 20 seconds (was 10).
- Battlecam hotkey should not work while in Metaverse overworld.
- Fix for dragging units in meta mode over the garrison structures, which would cause the drag icon to be placed over the unit icon, which would then cause the unit icon to not be draggable anymore.
- The Guardians Drone Center and Scorch tank are no longer pointing to the Renegades tech building for their tooltips.
- Fix for Earth Seige Co-op Mission so doesn't display a count of how many titan bays were destroyed (titan bays are only tracked for Gold Star Visual).
- Fixes that allows Achievement "Hexes are the Future" to be completed.
- Improved game stability.

Blast Bug:
- Min range increased to 250 (was 200), Shot cooldown increased to 3.2 (was 2.2); this reduces DPS to 5.14 (was 7.2). Change was made to both ground and air attacks.
Xeno Dog:
- Melee range increased slightly to aid in attacking larger objects, Base damage of acid pool reduced to 8 (was 12)
Invaders Harvesters:
- Health reduced to 350 (was 500), Move speed reduced to 200 (was 250).
- The armor type on the Titan was incorrect (Light). It has been changed to Heavy, which was always intended.
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