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Well, this is the big one. We're rolling out a big update to prepare for 8-Bit Invaders!

Adding new factions requires a lot of thought in terms of balance, and that is a big part of what this patch is all about. The Galactic Marines and the Cranioids are now in the mix so you might be in for a few surprises! These balance changes are a result of weeks of balance testing by our awesome beta test group - thanks guys!

Okay, without further delay...


BATTLECAM MODE! - Check out our super-cool camera mode that puts you right into the action. You'll find the Battlecam Camera icon in the lower right corner of your screen.


- Heavy Tank - Attack range of both ground and air weapons reduced to 600 (was 800)

- Cannon Turret - Range increased to 700 (was 600)
- Spectre - Damage type changed to Heavy (was Siege)
- Guardians Engineer - Attack ability now fires a 3-shot volley with slightly increased damage. This increases DPS to 3.46 (was 2.67).

- Arbalist - Build time increased to 15 (was 10), Health reduced to 80 (was 90)
- Shaman - Broke out ground and air attacks into different abilities, Ground attack remains the same, Air attack range increased to 800 (was 700), Air attack base damage increased to 14 (was 10)
- Catapult - Health decreased to 200 (was 300)

- Pikeman - Increased arc of attack to 90 degrees (was 60), Increased arc radius of attack to 200 (was 175), Adjusted attack distance to allow arc to hit more targets., Move speed increased to 250 (was 240), Adjusted movement and turn settings to make them more responsive.
- Sorceress - Base damage increased to 8 (was 6)
- Treant - Range increased to 700 (was 600), Projectile speed slightly increased, Projectile area of effect slightly increased (50 to 60), Rate of fire reduced slightly
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