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The big news today is that we're releasing our free Unit Voice Pack Update for 8-Bit Hordes! We hired a number of professional actors and actresses to record lines for ALL our games, so we'll be updating 8-Bit Armies soon, and later, 8-Bit Invaders will release with V/O already included.

We also fixed a bug that some of you were reporting in the forums, in which the game would not fully upload the log files we need to solve issues you were reporting. And, we've reverted away from pumpkins and back to chests and crates since Halloween is officially over.

Thanks again for your patience and support as we readied this patch and the Voice Pack for you. More is coming!


- Game modified to accept Voice Pack for 8-Bit Hordes faction
- Crash / Debug Uploader updated to correctly report results to home server
- Pumpkins reverted game-wide back to chests and crates
- Minor updates made to prepare for cross-play compatibility with 8-Bit Invaders
Post edited November 12, 2016 by PG_Ren