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Changelog for Patch 1.0.3 (added 08th October 2015):

- The gaps between suitcases can now be dragged
- Fixed incorrect ‘sticky highlight’ behaviour on a few buttons (where buttons stay highlighted when they shouldn’t)
- Minor tweak to small ferry transport image to reduce aliasing effect
- Fixed graphics resolution settings being wrong when in fullscreen mode
- Fixed initial fullscreen mode on OS X to be actual fullscreen
- Only one instance of the game can be loaded at once now
- Fix bug where market items could get stuck to cursor
- Fix some failing to load multiplayer ghosts
- Fix possible NaN values written out for multiplayer incident coordinates
- Check incident validity before uploading to multiplayer server
- Disabled globe zoom while over luggage to allow scrolling luggage with sideways mouse scroll
- Disable log output by default in released builds (hold ctrl-alt-L while game is running, or lass --log on command line to enable)
- Don’t allow globe to be zoomed while conversation view is open
- Fix low resolution conversation button outlines
- Memory churn optimisations (~ saved 100k/frame)
- Only take joystick input from a single joystick rather than all joysticks.
- Multiplayer ghost incidents are now only loaded on demand (when a ghost is clicked on) to stop frame rate spikes after loading
- Multiplayer ghost and incident loading code is now on the main thread as it doesn’t appear to be safe to use the Parse SDK from any thread other than the Unity main one.
- Limit play through update upload rate to once every 30 seconds.
- Custom journeys in previous playthroughs are now shown correctly.
- Fix To The Moon storyline.

Changelog for Patch 1.0.4 (added 08th October 2015):

- Fix potential null deference in available journey InfoCard view.
- Assorted story fixes and easter eggs.

Changelog for Patch 1.0.7 (added 21st October 2015):

- Upgrade to Unity 5.2.1p3 (For UI optimisations)
- Fix broken ‘without Fogg’ behaviour
- Various story fixes (mainly typos)
- Resolution setting fixes
- Added left ctrl - left shift - R keyboard shortcut to reset resolution to fullscreen, highest supported
- Fix to playerprefs changes not always getting saved out
- Fix reported fullscreen resolution sometimes being wrong in Windows
- Fix player still being able to open luggage when without Fogg
- Fix previous available money not always being returned after reuniting with Fogg

Changelog for Patch 1.11g / GOG-5 (added 23rd March 2016):

- Fixed some spelling errors in the story
- Fixed multiplayer and sharing functionality sometimes not working for playthroughs.
- Major fix for the game not starting properly for some people until user data was deleted - an issue with the Parse SDK.
- A route finding algorithm fix.
- Upgrade to Unity 5.2.3f1 from 5.2.1p3 for various engine fixes.
- It has some unrelated changes (adding support for an Apple App Store build)
- Fix occasional 100% crash on startup until add data is deleted to reset game
- Fix to path finding algorithm leading to potentially incorrectly calculated routes
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Changelog for Patch 1.12g / GOG-6 (Windows and Mac (added 08 August 2016):

- Game no longer re-initialises backend store when restarting (should fix Galaxy achievements not being uploaded correctly after game end)
- Update to latest story with fixes from mobile version
- Fix visual glitch when opening market view
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Changelog for patch 1.16g / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 15 September 2017):

- Upgrade from Unity 5.2 to Unity 5.6 (significant API changes required a few areas of the game to be reimplemented)
- Fix various story typos
- Fix clock text sometimes disappearing on window resize
- Optimisation: Fix log strings being evaluated, even when not being outputted.
- Re-enable multiplayer on new server (after shut down)
- Async load some of the initial gamedata to reduce time app is non-responsive on startup
- Fix uncontrollable spinning globe when unconfigured game controller (or device which presents itself as a game controller) is present
- Windows: Fix black border on globe with some graphics cards
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Changelog for Patch 1.16.1g (added 26 March 2018):

- Unity 5.6 minor version update
- Several bug fixes
- Several optimisations to smooth out the frame rate a bit
- macOS version is now a universal executable (adding support for 64-bit ahead of Apple's deprecation of 32-bit support in the next macOS release)
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Patch 1.17.4 (22 November 2019)

- 80 Days 1.17 is now live and features improved text fidelity, lots of UI improvements and some fairly major optimisations. Oh and it runs on macOS Catalina.
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Standalone installer updated: 1.17.7 ⇒ 1.17.8.

1.17.8 Update

Five years since 80 Days was released on Steam we've turned off the ageing cloud servers. You will no longer be able to see other players' progress as you make yours but the game is still fully functional in all other ways.

Changes since 1.17.7:
• Bug Fix: accented characters not displayed correctly (introduced in 1.17)
• Disable attempted download of cloud ghosts and incidents (as the servers are no longer running) and tidy up related UI

1.17.7 Update

Changes since 1.17.6:
• Upgraded 80 Days to a more recent patch release of Unity
• Fixed the '(opens at 10am)' bug in city view