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Changelog for 1.300 CATomic Adventure DLC (added 03 January 2018):

* CATomic Adventure DLC release
* Full Chinese language support
* 1.. 2.. 3.. 4 new endings!
* one mysterious cat
* one crazy scientist
* two suspicious GMen
* 50 new events and expeditions
* 6 new achievements
* 20 pages of new texts
* new music track
* three new ending jingles
* new conclusion screens
* new survival sfx and visuals
* extensive gameplay balancing
* bugfixes & spelling corrections
* journal text presentation update
* engine upgrade
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Changelog for Update 1.304 Year of the Dog challenge (added 13 February 2018):

* Year of the Dog challenge
* Book update

Changelog for Update 1.305 SOUP HOT challenge (added 27 February 2018):

* SOUP HOT challenge
* Scavenge challenge GUI update
* Refugees give items bugfix
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Changelog for Update 1.306 (added 15 June 2018):

You know what's the day today? It's time for a new challenge! Prepare to join Ted's Army! Ted-hut!

But there is more! We really enjoy the fact that 60 Seconds! community has so many ideas for what can come next for our game! We love that you care so much!

We are always looking forward to opportunities for releasing something that was eagerly requested by a lot of you.

To that effect, today we are proud to present a new language version of 60 Seconds! - Korean! A lot of love went into making sure it's awesome. Enjoy!

14/06/2018 1.306 Ted's Army challenge

* official Korean localization
* Ted's Army scavenge challenge
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Changelog for Update 1.400 Dolores DLC (added 15 August 2018):

* Dolores DLC release
* escape the atom bomb as Dolores, leaving poor Ted behind (play as Dolores in the scavenge phase)
* a brand new item - Harmonica!
* get to know the family a little better with new, character-specific events
* help Dolores and Ted leave the shelter for a radioactive date (and other relationship events between family members)
* expansions to classic events - can you find all the new scenarios?
* menu GUI update
* 5 new achievements
* 30 new events and expeditions
* over 20 pages of new texts
* new music track (hope you like blues!)
* new sfx
* bugfixes (including the resolution to the bunker crash)