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Changelog for patch 1.0.1 (added 15 October 2015):

- improved support for Xbox One controllers
- a handful of text changes
- slightly tweaked credits music
- minor fixes


Changelog for patch 1.1 (added 16 November 2015):

​- Mega Phobetor Arcade is now operational! That’s right, we added a whole new minigame! It even comes with its own achievement! Go to Stardust at any time and play to your heart’s content. (Gus and Majid had been a little lazy on the machine upkeep. Also: maintaining arcade machines is really hard.)

- Added additional logic to how drinks and your diet preferences work together, including a brand new drink at the Stardust bar! (How long will it take you to find it on the… generous menu?)
- New animations on the monitor in Market Street Ad Screen (Does VR kill love? Find out more at 11)
- If TOMCAT respects you, you may be able to get some additional help solving the Login Puzzle, among other minor tweaks.
- Over 500 new flavors of Hassy available in game. (Follow @hassyholdings for more info)
- Added additional ROMs to opening cutscene.
- Parallax to make $50M available to settle lawsuit -- NEO-SF - Parallax (PLLX) said Wednesday that it will make $50 million available to settle a wrongful death of a domestic animal suit, after a faulty ROM caused the death of a family corgi. This was an isolated incident, and can not be considered normal behaviour for a Relationship and Organizational Manager.
- A couple conversations have some pretty drastic changes! If you play through the game again, you might notice some key differences in certain scenes.
- Numerous bug fixes and changes for optimal gameplay and plot progression.


Changelog for patch 1.1.1b (added 11 December 2015):

- This is a small update available that fixes some minor issues in v1.1 and lays some groundwork for our next major update.
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Changelog for patch 1.2 (added 25 January 2016):

- This update adds a new Endless Christmas chapter for all players who finished the canon ending.


Changelog for patch 1.2b (added 28 January 2016):

- this update fixes a number of issues reported by players.


Changelog for patch 1.2d / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-9 (Mac) / GOG-8 (Linux) (added 12 October 2016):

- Minor graphics updates
- Backend preparations for the 2064 update - coming soon!
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2064: Read Only Memories
2064: Read Only Memories replaces the original version. Installers for the original game (Windows, Mac and Linux) were added to bonus section.

2064: Read Only Memories Upgrade / GOG-9 (Windows) / GOG-11 (Mac) / GOG-9 (Linux) (added 19 January 2017):

- The day has finally arrived: 2064: Read Only Memories is out now on PS4 and PC! Now you can enjoy this incredible update to our 2015 release Read Only Memories. What’s new? Full voice acting, updated puzzles, and a whole server farm worth of updates to the script, character emotions, music, and more!
- We have nearly thirty voice actors, including BAFTA-nominated folks such as Melissa Hutchinson and Adam Harrington, huge game industry VO stars including Dave Fennoy and Erin Fitzgerald, gaming professionals like Jonathan Holmes and Zoe Quinn, and internet celebrities like Austin Creed (aka WWE’s Xavier Woods), Dan Ryckert, and Jim Sterling.
- Not only that, but 2064: Read Only Memories also features: new and revamped puzzles! New animations! New characters! New areas to explore in the post-game “Endless Christmas” epilogue! Even more Hassy!!
- There’s even an updated soundtrack and artbook for the deluxe version! Wow!
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Changelog for Update 64.0.4 (added 09 March 2017):

- Fixed weird behaviour when skipping credits during Ending 1
- Corrected Audiophile trophy requirements
- Corrected Jobber trophy description
- Fixed issues with Endless Christmas chapter
- Updated credits
- Turing recolors now properly load
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Changelog for Patch 64.0.5 (added 23 March 2017):

- Fixed a bug where you would get stuck during a conversation in Chapter 6.
- Fixed a bug with LIPS//Live when using the Headphones.
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Changelog for Patch 64.0.6b / (Windows, Linux, Mac) (added 12 May 2017):

- Fixed a Crow animation
- Taxi Button fixed for the Chase Car scene
- Lots of general bug fixes
- New keyboard design and layout.
- EN version Options Panel, Saves Panel and Warning screens have been updated to match the JP assets
- Mega-P: Colored Power-Ups to make them easier to identify, and new Blast Away message during the last Boss wave. Tweaked timing on one of the waves.
- Car Chase: Updated assets for the Stoplights menu to better match the new 2064 visuals.
- Reverted dialogue changes to the Dekker Chase
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Changelog for Patch 64.1.1 (added 09 February 2018):

- First of all, we have added a NEW text skipping feature that allows you to zip through dialog lightning-fast. Just press Ctrl to enable it. We hope this will make replaying the game and checking out new stuff even simpler, as it should be much less of a grind if you want to skip areas or are looking for a specific moment!
- As for new content, we are thrilled to add hilarious YouTuber SungWon Cho (ProZD) to the voice cast, who has picked up a few parts across the story.
- Also, please enjoy some other new voice files in the game that make the main game now 100% voiced!! There’s a lot from Turing as well as Lexi and Dekker, so if you replay the story you’ll notice a couple essential conversations are now voiced that weren’t before! Yay!