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Hello friends!
As I now know, and have lost some 12 hours to, Wing Commander 1 is
particularly unfriendly to joysticks. Issues include wildly high
sensitivity, lack of ability to recognize devices, some technical
problems, and so forth. Rather than chew your ear off with the details,
I am going to list some resources that should help and give you a list
of steps that should (and in my case did!) help you put together a
workable setup. I didn't see one that seemed this complete on the
forums, except for one that's (almost) purely vidoe. (PCL, man, I'm sure
you put a lot of work into that, and I don't mean to steal your thunder.
At all. But I personally find videos to be seriously non-optimal for
this sort of data. Some people do, some don't). Anyway, this should be a
fairly complete resource for anyone with this particular HOTAS
peripheral who wants to play WC1.

- PCGaming Wiki:
You'll want the patches from here. This is not really
directly related to the main thing this thread is here to solve, but I'd
just feel wrong posting something of this sort without these.

- Controls Reference: I
couldn't find a list of the controls in the GOG files and there's no
in-game stuff that I can find for rebinding (I could be wrong: there's
at least one hidden menu that's supposed to do calibration. Not sure if
that works, though.)

- TARGET Preset: This
is the TARGET software present that I put together.

- TARGET Preset Script: This is the script addition, it goes with the entry
- Also, I advise turning the sensitivity WAY far down. It starts at 100.
Try 1.
I've mapped every control I'm aware of, and I'd be delighted to hear
back on how well the layout works for other folks with T.16000M sets,
and if you've got ideas about how to make it better, I'd like to hear
those as well.
One potential issue in particular that I'd like to point out is that the
"hold", "press", "pulse", and "release" types of keyboard emulation in
T.A.R.G.E.T. don't mean what they sound like, if you want to modify the
layout. Do doublecheck with the TARGET documentation from Thrustmaster.
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