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Changelog for patch 20170619 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 20 June 2017):

- New level added with original mechanics and a new boss fight!
- Less input lag and improved player character physics
- The save game is now stored in a file (next to the executable) instead of in registry
- Faster loading of levels

Major Bug fixes:

- On rare hardware, the game would not sync correctly to the music. This has been fixed.
- D-pad now works correctly in the end boss
- Lots of minor bug fixes and small improvements.
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Changelog for Patch 20170719r370 / (Windows, Lunux and Mac( (added 24 July 2017):

- Framerate issues on Win7 are fixed by running DX11 by default instead of DX9.
- The game window is now resizable (alt+enter / cmd+f to enter window mode)
- A collision bug at the end of boss 2 has been fixed (if unlucky you could clip through the walls when they closed in on you)
- Jumping off the elevators in level 1 has been improved (was a bit inconsistent before)
- On a 120hz screen, you could bypass some hazards by spamming the jump button in level 3. This has been fixed.
- Several smaller fixes.

Known issues:
- If you resize the window while playing one of the levels, you risk messing up the game logic (in rare cases, since the game pauses and the music does not). For now, we recommend only resizing the window in the menu room before entering a level or during the title screen.