Summer Sale special: ENDLESS™ Space and ENDLESS™ Space 2 with -75% discounts and another GIVEAWAY!

We wouldn’t leave you without a true banger just for the last days of Summer Sale!
We’re incredibly excited to say that ENDLESS™ Space and ENDLESS™ Space 2 are now both available on GOG with -75% discounts that last until July 11th, 1 PM UTC! Moreover, to top this week off, feel free to claim your copy of Beholder 2 until July 3rd, 1 PM UTC.
Let’s take a closer look at all that gaming goodness!
Prepare to venture into the uncharted depths of space and lead your civilization to glory in both ENDLESS™ Space and ENDLESS™ Space 2! These captivating turn-based strategy games, developed by Amplitude Studios and published by SEGA, are ready to immerse you in epic space exploration, intense battles, and intricate empire management.
Embark on a cosmic odyssey where the galaxy becomes your playground. As a visionary leader, guide your civilization to greatness amidst a sprawling universe filled with wonders and challenges. Expand your empire through colonization, technological advancements, and strategic diplomacy. Engage in exhilarating space combat, chart new star systems, and shape the destiny of your people. With its rich lore, immersive visuals, and deep strategic gameplay, ENDLESS™ Space offers an unparalleled 4X experience.
ENDLESS™ Space 2
The stars await your command in this highly acclaimed sequel that takes the space strategy genre to new frontiers. Delve into a universe teeming with diverse civilizations, each with their own ambitions and agendas. With enhanced mechanics, stunning visuals, and an expanded roster of factions, ENDLESS™ Space 2 offers an even more immersive and engaging gameplay experience. From navigating complex diplomatic relationships to managing vast interstellar resources, every decision will shape the fate of your empire. Prepare for an epic journey of conquest, exploration, and diplomacy like never before.
Additionally, 9 DLCs for the game are now also available on GOG. Check them out and grab them all together within ENDLESS™ Space 2 Definitive Edition.
When it comes to the giveaway, for the next 72 hours (until July 3rd, 1 PM UTC) feel free to claim your copy of Beholder 2 – story rich and atmospheric strategy adventure title.
In Beholder 2, you are an intern at the central ministry of a totalitarian state with your whole career ahead of you. Work your way up the ladder by scheming against employees, spying on your boss, and completing paperwork. Or do you turn against the state and expose corruption. The choice is still yours to make!
Check these amazing titles now and enjoy Summer Sale to the fullest!