Release: Two Point Hospital and Try To Manage This! Special Sale

You all asked and we are here to deliver! Two Point Hospital, a medical management simulator masterpiece by SEGA and a spiritual successor to Bullfrog Productions' 1997 game Theme Hospital, is now available on GOG along with its 10 DLCs!
And that would be great news by itself, but we do not stop here. Until October 31st, 10 PM UTC you can get the base game with a 50% discount and ALL of the DLCs (Close Encounters, Bigfoot, Pebberley Island, Culture Shock, A Stitch in Time, Off The Grid, Speedy Recovery, Retro Items Pack, Fancy Dress Pack, Exhibition Items Pack) also with 50% discounts.
But we think a game as good as Two Point Hospital deserves even more celebration. That’s why in addition to forementioned discounts we’ve also launched a Special Sale containing more than 90 titles of various managerial simulators (and that’s not counting DLCs and Bundles)! We hope you are prepared to Try To Manage This!
Here are some few examples of what you can expect from the Sale.
SimCity™ 3000 Unlimited - 75% off
Pharaoh + Cleopatra - 50% off
SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition - 75% off
Foundation - 25% off
Zeus + Poseidon (Acropolis) - 50% off
Theme Hospital - 75% off
Caesar 3 - 35% off
Giant Bundle - 70% off
SimCity™ 2000 Special Edition - 75% off
Caesar™ IV - 40% off
Dungeons 3 Complete Collection - 50% off
Theme Park - 75% off
Democracy 4 - 50% off
Lula: The Sexy Empire - 70% off
Railway Empire Complete Collection - 50% off
Try To Manage This! sale lasts until October 27th, 1 PM UTC. Oh, and if you hurry you can also get House Flipper with a 65% discount available for the next 24 hours. And yes, that’s the best deal this game has ever had on GOG!
If all of this doesn’t tell you how excited we are to have Two Point Hospital in our store, it’s hard to guess what will! But we do love playing and talking about that game, so here you have some more information.
This absolute gem of a business simulator allows you to take on the role of a hospital administrator charged with constructing and maintaining a… you’ve guessed it - hospital. Your tasks include building rooms and amenities that satisfy the various needs of both patients and staff, expanding the hospital into new plots, hiring and management of doctors, nurses, janitors, and assistants to maintain the hospital, and dealing with a variety of illnesses. And if one hospital is not enough for you, you can try to manage several hospitals, each with their own layout objectives.
But don’t expect your medical facility to be populated with your usual types of patients. Oh no, in this world, you’ll experience all kinds of unusual, comical illnesses; from Light-headedness to Cubism – each requiring their very own special type of treatment machine.
Diagnose those illnesses, build the right rooms to handle them, hire the right staff, and then get ready, because curing just one of these illnesses is just the beginning. You can handle a single patient – but can you handle a pandemic? And once you’ve conquered an illness, research improved cures and machines and turn your hospital into an unstoppable healthcare juggernaut. It is not an easy task though, and yes, sometimes your patients do die. And yes, then they sometimes become ghosts which disrupt the hospital by terrorising patients and staff and only janitors with special skill can remove them. And yes, we did not make that up and it is hilarious!
We truly could go on forever about Two Point Hospital. From its widely praised sense of humour, through its balanced, well-designed gameplay and staying true to its predecessor, to its great choice of art style and crucial role in revitalization of management genre. Awards and rave reviews could also tell you a thing or two about how good it is but as always, we believe that playing it yourself would be the best idea.
Having said that, we would also like to invite you to check out our Twitch Channel, where on Sunday, October 23rd at 5 PM UTC, DarkSaber2k will stream Two Point Hospital. See you there!