GOG 2022 update #5: about the games, we can play with others

Hello again! In this GOG 2022 update, we want to talk about online games and their place on GOG. Many great titles designed to be played with friends are not available here, and we want to change that. For us, it is crucial that we explain our thoughts on introducing more online games and better understand how you feel about it.
GOG was founded as a place to preserve games and make them last forever. We believe in freedom of choice and are committed to developing GOG as a gamer-first platform where you can collect and play the games you love – from all-time classics all the way to modern hits.
For the last 14 years, we’ve built a catalog for various tastes: for those who want to (re)discover classics, the fans of CD PROJEKT RED games, for people who love unique indies and exceptional single-player hits. We’ve also added GWENT: The Witcher Card Game to scratch that itch for multiplayer online games. Introducing more online-only games on GOG will help us cater to the needs of our growing audience, who are seeking a broader range of games, which will also allow us to continue our efforts to make games last forever.
Many of you already enjoy playing online titles, while some might question “since online-only games require an internet connection, how is this DRM-free?”. It is not – online-only games that are designed to be played with others are a separate category of games.
Rest assured this will not influence our DRM-free approach. GOG will remain the best platform for single-player DRM-free gaming, with a dedicated approach to classics and game preservation – something that’s at the very core of who we are.
Going forward, online-only multiplayer games will be marked as such on the game page – it’s up to you to decide whether you want to play them.
We’re happy and proud of the value we are creating for you to enjoy single-player games on GOG. We believe we can also bring new, unique value to those of you seeking online-only experiences. We’re eager to listen to your feedback on that in the comments.