Release: Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown with a -50% discount

A retro-CRPG originally released for the TI-99/4a home computer – Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown is now available on GOG with a -50% discount!
Prepare yourself for a journey to a world of fantasy and adventure! A land fallen into chaos needs stalwart heroes to save it from a sinister and powerful force of evil...
Enter a massive sprawling world of wild forests, frozen plains, misty mountains, scorched deserts, and endless oceans. Explore cities, towns and villages to rest and recover as well as buy equipment. Talk to sages, warriors, peasants and sovereigns to aid you in your quest. Sail the open seas or pilot boats up rivers. Descend into dark dungeons, castle ruins, and mysterious places to find treasure, fight evil, and locate powerful relics.
Do you have what it takes to save the Realms of Antiquity?