Release: Fabled Lands - The Serpent King's Domain

Fabled Lands an old-school open world RPG from Prime Games, is welcoming its newest DLC in the GOG catalog – Fabled Lands - The Serpent King's Domain is here!
An iconic gamebooks series by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson took a digital turn as an adventure-ridden RPG, Fabled Lands. A classic fantasy narrative will guide you through plenty of quests and open-world locations in this game, with an ability to choose a class, make decisions, explore, trade and fight.
With the newest addition, Fabled Lands - The Serpent King's Domain, you’ll be introduced into the vast expanse of the Violet Ocean (based on Book 3, "Over the Blood-Dark Sea") and the mysterious southern continent of Ankon-Konu (based on Book 7, "The Serpent's King Domain"). That's right! This DLC will feature not one, but two whole books of content, and the sheer volume of it is almost as big as the base game!
Now on GOG!