Exciting news from Crystal Shard!

If you enjoy creations from Crystal Shard, we have some great news for you!
Beer! (-15%)
Beer! is a collection of frantic minigames where you have only twelve seconds to grab the beer! But it's not just about your reflexes: each screen is a puzzle that may take you numerous tries to figure out. Easy to pick up and difficult to master, this game rewards quick and out-of-the-box thinking. It comes with a cheerful cafe-style soundtrack, and assorted cast of bears and deer. The game includes three sets of ten levels, a secret bonus round, and several cameos. Suitable for all ages; alcohol not included.
Crystal Shard Adventure Bundle (-15%)
This Bundle contains three short and intriguing adventure games from the makers of Heroine's Quest, spanning several genres and styles.
All launch discounts end on June 20th, 1 PM UTC.
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