Release: Blood West with a -30% discount

An immersive Wild West FPS where, as a revenant desperado, you take on the twisted demons and eldritch horrors – Blood West is now available on GOG with a -30% discount that lasts until December 19th, 3 PM UTC!
Become the Undead Gunslinger, doomed to roam the barren lands until he finds the means to purge their curse and free his soul. One quest after another, the spirits of the land will lead you towards even greater challenges. And whatever your path may be – things will get rough.
For hell is empty and all the devils are here!
Blood West was developed with the use of early access, and throughout that time it already managed to capture the hearts of players and critics. Now, it’s available in its full glory!
In this title, you can choose how you approach your playthrough. You can carefully plan your steps wisely to fight unspeakable terrors that corrupt these lands by using stealth and gaining the advantage from the shadows…
Or unleash a hail of gunfire to carve your way through the nightmarish obstacles that stand in your path – Wild West Style!
Blood West also features elements of survival horror. Even those who cheat death need to be mindful of the supplies. Prepare for resource management, plan ahead and be mindful of your inventory. Use your supplies wisely.
And of course, throughout your journey you’ll customize the gameplay experience to your liking with new tricks, traits, and perks that you’ll learn. The spirits watch over you.
This is but a fraction of what awaits you in Blood West – check out all its features and enjoy an immense amount of FPS fun! Ready to take back the frontier from the dark forces of demonic corruption and earn the right to move on to a better world?