Release: Betrayer available to play for FREE

Bet you didn’t expect this news, but here we are – Betrayer is now available on GOG for FREE, as we continuously work on making games last forever!
Betrayer is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure set in the New World during the early 17th century. You’ll step into the year 1604, having set sail from England with the expectation of joining a struggling colony on the Virginia coast. Instead of a thriving community though, you’ll be greeted by an eerie silence and mysteries; wondering what calamity befell this land, robbing it of vibrancy and life. Through the careful gathering of clues, your quest will be to reconstruct the narrative of this ill-fated settlement and uncover a way to restore order.
Check it out now, for FREE on GOG!
We'd also like to take a moment for a big thank you to Tyler, also known as tfishell – one of our fellow gaming enthusiasts, who helped us bring this gem to our catalog. We couldn't have asked for a more passionate and awesome community. Let's keep making games last forever, together.