Release: 8 great classics from Throwback Entertainment with discounts up to -75%!

Canadian-based Throwback Entertainment Inc. develops, creates, and publishes immersive and interactive gaming titles that captivate and show us why we’ve fallen in love with games (and keep doing so!) in the first place.
It’s our absolute pleasure to welcome 8 of their great classic titles on GOG! Because our Black Friday sale is still going strong, we’ve also put them on discounts as high as 75% off that will last until December 6th, 2 PM UTC! Check out what amazing experiences await you:
Blade Warrior (-60%)
Action-adventure, fantasy side scroller. In this game you explore a strange and deadly world where the minions of Murk roam throughout the land. Defeating your enemies will be possible with advanced swordplay mechanics and ability to collect artifacts to increase your strength and to trade with the 7 Wizards. Craft spells using ingredients scavenged throughout the world and find the ancient stone archways to traverse across paths.
The Killing Cloud (-60%)
Get ready to embark on a flight FPS adventure! The Killing Cloud offers unique adventure combined with exhilarating flight simulation. It presents an authentically scaled reproduction of San Francisco including major landmarks and over 240 buildings, all while giving us comprehensive hoverbike simulation that features flight and hover modes, forward and reverse thrust, refueling, radar detection, weaponry, and internal and multiple external views. Fly ten daring assignments, tracking down crime's kingpin and the source of the deadly cloud.
Theme Park Mystery (-60%)
2D adventure platformer in which you try to find the answer to what shocking evil lurks in your uncle's Magic Canyon Theme Park, drove the fun seekers away and made uncle insane. This fright-filled trip through a playground of peril presents 4 distinct levels each with their own unique gameplay style and themes: Dragonland, Dreamland, Futureland, and Yesterdayland. Defeat 8 demons scattered around the park. Each posing a unique challenge.
Battle Master (-60%)
Top-down strategy adventure. Battle Master offers top quality arcade action with a huge, detailed fantasy world to explore, complete with castles, villages and underground mines. You are able to choose from 16 different leaders from 4 different races and interact with devious puzzles, fiendish traps, and countless magic objects. Fight, negotiate or trade for extra troops and adopt your own battle formations.
Savage (-60%)
Arcade action side scroller. Fueled by rage, the titular Savage plunges into battle wielding his huge axe in a berserk frenzy as he reaps destruction on all who stand in his way. Use all your skill, determination and lightning-fast reactions to battle the onslaught of seedy monsters and menacing skulls. Rescue your maiden and recover the special powers imprisoned deep in the castle's labyrinth. Savage captures all the fun of high-speed, arcade-action in one amazing, multi-challenging game.
Interphase (-60%)
A sci-fi flight action shooter. As a rogue dreamer, you have to enter the mainframe and direct your partner to the track itself - the minds of every future generation will be trusting to your skill and intellect. Taking the role of Chad, it's up to you to guide your partner, Kaf-E, safely through the complex security system to the top of the building. Once at the top she must collect the correct DreamTrack from the vaults before making her way back down through the building to the exit.
Annals of Rome (-60%)
The 1986 classic DOS title in the form of a historical grand strategy. It's 237 B.C. and all of Italy has been united under the same Senate power of Rome. You are the ruler of the Republic, deploying armies and defending against the 13 independent hostile lands which constantly plot to destroy Rome.
Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper (-75%)
Side scroller sci-fi platformer where you fight your way to freedom as a titular Trantor - the Last Stormtrooper! You're the commander of an Earth ship sent to an alien planet to retrieve stolen missile plans, but as you leave the ship, it blows up taking your entire crew with it! Now, you must race against time in the roughest and toughest test of your stormtrooper career! Disarm the microscopic body bomb implanted under your skin, blast away the murderous creatures using your powerful flame thrower, search the endless corridors of the alien superstructure and find the computer terminals that hold the key to the stolen missile plans.
Choose your favourites and experience amazing gaming classics! You can also still browse more than 4000 discounted titles available during our Black Friday sale!