Pre-order: Jagged Alliance 3

The wait is over – you can now pre-order Jagged Alliance 3 on GOG, with a -20% discount for the pre-order period, starting today until July 14th!
Jagged Alliance 3 will give you the opportunity to choose from a diverse roster of mercenaries, each possessing their own distinct personalities, quirks, and backstories. Embark on an adventure through the captivating land of Grand Chien, where you will encounter new individuals, accumulate wealth, expand your team, and ultimately shape the destiny of the nation through your own choices. Grand Chien, a country abundant in natural resources but plagued by deep political divisions, descends into turmoil when the elected president mysteriously disappears, and a paramilitary group called 'The Legion' seizes control of the rural areas. In response, the President's family rallies their available resources, including a partnership with the influential Adonis corporation, to hire a skilled group of mercenaries entrusted with the critical mission of locating the President and restoring stability to the nation.
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