NSFW Release: Returning To Mia

An adult-oriented visual novel and a dating sim – Returning To Mia is now available on GOG with a -10% discount that lasts until November 27th, 2 PM UTC.
Taking place two years after the events of Summer with Mia, the now more matured main character finds himself reunited with Mia, when he apprehensively accepts an invitation that would finally see you reunited with the girl all but responsible for your sexual awakening. Mia.
With a sordid past hanging over both of you, a bar on the verge of bankruptcy, and unresolved feelings still lingering, if there's one thing you can bet on, it's that this summer will undoubtedly be one full of fun, drama, and of course, lots and lots of naughty encounters!
Returning To Mia – now on GOG!