Last day of NSFW Week – check out new releases and grab an exclusive GOG Kinky Bundle while you can!

Less than 24 hours left on our NSFW Week! But you can still make a great use of this time – all of the awesome, hot and discounted titles are waiting for you to grab until 11 PM UTC (January 30th)!
Moreover, get ready to play new NSFW releases: Demon Queen Melissa from Kagura Games and Sexy Mystic Survivors alongside Beautiful Mystic Survivors from Fantasize Games. They are now available on GOG with special launch discounts that last until February 6th, 2 PM UTC. Let’s take a closer look!
Demon Queen Melissa (-10%)
It’s an indie RPG title with a classic, turn-based combat, world filled with unique and interesting characters and the ability to control three party members. It tells the story of the human Hero Lufia, who one day came to the Demon Lord's Castle to greet Melissa. Despite the Hero being the one who defeated her father, Melissa agreed to meet her. However, Melissa's trusted aide Marina noticed the Hero acting suspiciously and tried to stop her, resulting in the Hero activating a holy seal that took away the trio's magic. Now the three of them must go on a journey to find a way to undo the seal and regain their powers!
Sexy Mystic Survivors and Beautiful Mystic Survivors (both -15%)
Roguelite bullet-hell combat meets steamy anime action! You rise to the occasion to help gorgeous heroines destroy countless invading monsters. Plan your builds, upgrade heroines, and survive against the clock. Keep the heroines alive and they’ll be sure to reward you generously.
You’ll enter the fray with one of the many unlockable characters, and mow down the enemies around you with fast-paced projectile attacks to survive until time runs out. Make use of each character’s unique ability, choose between different weapons and relics, and fight to survive wave after wave of enemies across multiple procedurally-generated exciting maps. Polished 3D graphics, beautiful VFX, and smooth performance even with thousands of monsters on screen are what you can expect to find in this game.
There is but one difference between the Sexy and Beautiful version of this title. In Sexy Mystic Survivors you are sure to take part in adult interactions with the game’s characters. In Beautiful Mystic Survivors on the other hand, there isn’t any adult content nor there ever will be. So choose which type of entertainment you prefer – you can’t go wrong with either of them!
Note: Both Mystic Survivors titles are currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.
But that’s not the end! In other great news, Leap of Faith – story rich, steamy visual novel is coming soon to GOG!
It presents the story of dealing with the out of the blue break-up. You finally decide to move forward. And while you're opening your eyes to the world, it seems to be opening its eyes to you as well. It has 12.500 static renders and over 85.000 animated frames in full HD, with about 69.000 lines of source and dialogue. Moreover, in addition to the normal VN choice menus, you will have to interact with your phone as a tool to explore opportunities, or even discover them. Leap of Faith does not offer you every experience in it by advancing through dialogue alone. Great adult-oriented experience!
Make sure to fully use the couple last hours of NSFW Week. Find all the discounted titles HERE, build your own bundle with Kagura BYOB, Sekai BYOB or Kinky BYOB, and grab the exclusive GOG Kinky Bundle – containing 3 awesome games for a super cheap price and available only for the duration of the sale.