It be Talk Like a Pirate Day with a treasure trove of pirate games!

Ahoy, me hearties!
Avast ye, for today be a special day on the calendar – it be Talk Like a Pirate Day! 'Tis a day when landlubbers and scallywags alike can embrace their inner buccaneer and let loose with a hearty "Arrr!" and a swig of grog. But that be not all, me hearties, for what better way to celebrate this fine occasion than by diving into the world of pirate-themed video games?
We've gathered a treasure trove of those to shiver yer timbers and hoist the Jolly Roger high! Set sail on daring adventures, plunder the seven seas, and show ye mettle in battles that'll make ye yell "Yo ho ho!".
Set sail on the digital seas and explore the ocean of our pirate-based video games HERE. Choose yer favorite, load 'em up, and join the celebration on this fine day of adventure!
Moreover, me mateys, prepare to be entertained with a treasure trove of piratey Throwback Thursday streams. Join us on our Twitch Channel to celebrate in style! Here be the schedule, so mark it on yer calendars:
The Curse of Monkey Island – September 21st, 8 PM UTC, with noodlebeefnoodle
Tropico 2 (part of the Tropico Reloaded bundle) – September 21st, 11 PM UTC, with Bittomann
LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game – September 22nd, 2 AM UTC, with Flaose
Now, gather 'round and share the tale of yer favorite pirate game in the comments. What be it, me hearties?