GOG Interview: learn more about Warhammer miniatures painting from Danny ESO

Our celebration of Warhammer Skulls 2023 is in full swing! This annual festival of Warhammer-based video games is a true feast for all fans of this amazing universe. And with our plethora of bargains up to -90%, and the release of both Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and Warhammer Underworlds - Shadespire Edition we are happy to be a part of it!
In fact, the love for the Warhammer universe surpasses all boundaries and is present in all kinds of entertainment forms. One of them, the incredibly interesting one too, is painting Warhammer miniatures for Games Workshop’s tabletop games.
To learn more about this hobby we spoke to Danny ESO – Warhammer and an overall RPG enthusiast who you might know from his awesome Youtube Channel. As a tabletop miniatures painter he told us what draws him to the Warhammer universe, what inspires him, connection between video games and tabletop miniatures, and more!
Hope you enjoy the read!
Danny, most people know you for being an RPG gamer that covers and plays all kinds of titles. But maybe not everyone is aware that you are also an enthusiast of painting Warhammer miniatures. Could you tell us more about that hobby? How did it start?
Since the age of 10, I've been engrossed in the world of miniature painting. It all began when I convinced my mum's wallet to step into my local Games Workshop store for the very first time. Ah, those were the days! Back then, you could get your hands on the Battle for Macragge starter set for a mere £40. It truly felt like a golden era for hobbyists like me.
This marvelous set showcased an epic clash between the Tyranids, the formidable Xenos race, and the mighty Space Marines. Bursting with enthusiasm, I eagerly brought the set home, ready to unleash my artistic prowess. However, in my zealousness, I ended up slathering them with an overly thick layer of un-thinned blue paint, completely ruining their appearance. Yet, despite the mishap, I was undeniably hooked on the hobby! Each proceeding birthday I would either ask for video games or Warhammer.
Interestingly, I recently discovered that Games Workshop has announced the release of the 10th edition starter set, once again featuring the iconic battle between the Space Marines and the Tyranids. Now, as I contemplate this news, I find myself torn between excitement and a tinge of melancholy, wondering how my age factors into this equation.
The Warhammer universe is absolutely iconic and beloved by people all over the world. What do you find most appealing about it personally?
The painting side of the hobby is undoubtedly my favorite part of Warhammer simply because it allows for limitless creative freedom. The Warhammer universe is a vast and immersive realm, brimming with diverse races and factions. But what truly excites me is the ability to forge my own unique paint scheme or customize an entire army. The satisfaction that comes from bringing my visions to life through paintbrush and palette is immensely rewarding.
How do you approach painting Warhammer miniatures? Do you have any tips or techniques that you can share with aspiring painters in the community?
Often I find myself initially getting inspired by what I see other painters in the community are posting on Instagram. This can range from a new technique I’ve not seen before to a new unique grim dark paint scheme that I want to try. Some projects work out really well while others fail catastrophically, I try to share the most effective tips and tricks I have learnt on my YouTube channel called ESO Tabletop. I don’t consider myself a master painter, but I can definitely impart more than a few tips and tricks on painting that every wargamer can learn from.
Could you tell us about some of your favorite Warhammer miniatures projects and what makes them special to you?
I recently rescued my own terribly painted Games Workshop Middle-earth miniatures from 17 years ago by stripping the paint and creating a diorama for each miniature and then repainting them. I then gifted them to my groomsmen at my wedding, one of which was the best man who used to and still does game and wargame with me.
We believe that painting tabletop miniatures is not only a very interesting hobby, but it also provides valuable lessons that can teach attention to detail or patience. Would you agree with that?
I somewhat agree, I’m actually quite an impatient painter who is mainly in it for the creative process. However the true masters of miniature painting will spend several days on a single miniature. But I’ve not reached that point yet so clearly I have a lot to learn.
As someone deeply rooted in both video games and tabletop miniatures worlds, how do you see the relationship between them regarding Warhammer?
Warhammer has become more and more popular since 2018, to give you an idea of its popularity Games Workshop the owner of the IP is now a FTSE 100 company here in the UK. I think investors are beginning to recognize the cult-like community that is Warhammer and realizing that they can profit from that. This has led to the resurgence of Warhammer games like Necromunda: Hired Gun. I hope to see many more video games on the horizon that let us engage with the world in different ways and formats.
Excited for Warhammer Skulls?
We’d like to thank Danny very much for his answers! We don’t know about you, but we certainly want to play some Warhammer games now and, who knows, maybe start another passion while we are at it. Have a great festival everyone!