GOG 2022 update #6: OpenCritic reviews on our gamecards!

That we care about games is an undeniable fact and our strongest driving force. But besides that, we care just as much about providing our community with the best possible experience both on GOG and GOG GALAXY. Having said that, we are constantly improving our platform to make your – fellow gaming enthusiasts’ – stay on GOG the most enjoyable, smoothest and pleasant.
Another step in achieving just that, is OpenCritic implementation to our gamecards!
We’re very happy to announce that OpenCritic – one of the most renowned and respected review aggregation websites for video games – will now be a part of GOG’s gamecards. OpenCritic lists reviews from critics across multiple video game publications for the games listed on the site. Statistics generated by OpenCritic, alongside critics’ reviews will be available to you just below information about the selected title’s system requirements. We’re currently live-testing the implementation, so don’t worry if some of you don’t see it – you will soon!
We believe that such an addition will allow you not only to grasp a better understanding of games that you are interested in, but also help you make better decisions when making purchases and expand your library with titles that suit your gaming needs best.
As excited as we are about this news, we can’t wait to hear your feedback. Check out how it looks yourselves and make sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments!