Release: Myst: Through the Ages Bundle, now -40% off for Winter Sale!

A classic puzzle game straight from the 90s, is now available in a special Myst: Through the Ages bundle! The pack is out with a -40% launch discount for our Winter Sale - with more than 4500 titles with discounts up to -90%! The offer ends on January 2nd, 11 PM UTC.
Myst is an iconic point and click adventure where you, the player, is allowed to travel through the Myst – an unusual book, but an island all the same. You get to explore it through witty puzzles, learn plenty of backstories, and take up the journey to other worlds. The game, first released back in 1993, came back several times, in remakes, re-releases and further parts of the stories. Our bundle though, includes three versions of the first of the series - ideal for both newcomers and long-faithful fans!
Myst: Through the Ages contains:
Myst: Masterpiece Edition
realMyst: Masterpiece Edition
Join the adventure, now on GOG!