Control Ultimate Edition – Eyes on the Game #3

It’s time to take a closer look at Control Ultimate Edition, the hit title from Remedy Entertainment! In this game, you take control of Jesse Faden as she uses her telekinetic powers to save the world from Hiss, a hostile paranatural force of resonance.

Did you know?

· The game’s twisted story is the work of Sami Antero Järvi, aka Sam Lake. This Finnish-born author also created the stories of games like Alan Wake and lent his appearance to the titular character in the first game of the Max Payne series.
· The development of the game took three years and cost $30 million. Both numbers are relatively small compared to other AAA titles, a testament to Remedy’s skill and experience in this area.
· Courtney Hope, the actress who lent her appearance to Jesse Faden and voiced her, enjoys quite a career on the small screen. So far she has played in popular TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami, and The Young and the Restless.

The Soundtrack

The dark and menacing score of Control was composed by two seasoned artists – Petri Alanko (Quantum Break) and Martin Stig Andersen (games like the grim Limbo and puzzling Inside). Some of their creative processes can be seen below.
Also, a stream of Control Ultimate Edition is set for May 2nd, 2021, at 6PM UTC, and will be performed by our good friend DarkSaber2k.