Coming soon: two more classic titles from SNEG!

Not too long we’ve announced that 8 great timeless classics published by SNEG will soon join our catalog. Today, two more join that list: Star Command and Phantasie Memorial Set!
Star Command
A 1988 space role-playing game in which the story takes place in a dystopian future where Earth was destroyed by hostile aliens and humans, now located in a far space of the universe called "the triangle", must face a double war to survive. You’ll create a crew of eight characters that complete missions from Star Command to earn credits and training for personnel. Your crew can explore planets to obtain valuables, and can board disabled enemy ships to fight their crews and commandeer their ship.
Phantasie Memorial Set
This title, actually compiles the classic RPG trilogy, featuring party-based adventures, turn-based combat, diverse classes, and epic quests. Phantasie series is a timeless contribution to early RPGs that embodies fantasy world exploration and strategic gameplay.
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