Coming soon: Old World - Pharaohs of the Nile DLC

Old World is a revolutionary historical strategy game where you lead your dynasty over generations of rule against rival kings and queens. Wage massive wars, manage your court, and build a dynasty — or watch your empire crumble to dust.
Now, its latest DLC Pharaohs of the Nile is coming soon to GOG!
In this installment, you’ll be able to lead the people of Egypt through over 400 years of history. Unify the New Kingdom as Ahmose I, rewrite the great Battle of Qadesh as Ramesses the Great, and struggle against the Bronze Age Collapse as The New Kingdom's last great Pharaoh, Ramesses III. Like the Nile itself, empires must rise and fall – will yours stand the test of time?
Pharaohs of the Nile includes six historical free-form scenarios, each with unique characters and objectives set in The New Kingdom that spanned from the 17th to the 20th Dynasty. Moreover it introduces the Kingdom of Kush as a brand-new civilization you can lead in the sandbox campaign of Old World.
Check out all the goodness that Pharaohs of the Nile will bring to the Old World and make sure to wishlist it so you won’t miss its release!