Coming soon: Northgard - Vordr, Clan of the Owl

Northgard is an incredible, critically acclaimed strategy game based on Norse mythology. You lead your clan, uncover the secrets of a mysterious newfound continent and defeat your enemies to conquer the Throne!
Now, its Vordr, Clan of the Owl DLC is coming soon to GOG!
As you might have guessed it’ll present a new clan – Vordr. Subsisting through the ages, the secretive norns of Vördr keep watch over all realms in Northgard and beyond. Protectors of Yggdrasil, the sisters Skuld, Verdandi, and Urdr, use the power of this sacred tree to spread their knowledge inexorably across the land.
Check out all the great stuff that the new clan offers and make sure to wishlist Vordr, Clan of the Owl, so you won’t miss its release or any special offer!