Check out these Publisher Sales!

There’s nothing we love more than Publisher Sales – bringing them into spotlight and showcasing several titles that come from the same house. Now, not one, not two, but three publishers are currently on sale on GOG! Let’s dive into the myriad of good news, and see what deals are there to grab!
Star Drifters sprinkles a touch of indie magic into every day lives. Based in our own hometown, Warsaw in Poland, their carefully crafted, captivating worlds are sure to grab everyone’s attention!
To make this event even more attractive, we’re excited to announce a giveaway of Nomads of Driftland: The Forgotten Passage – a DLC to a free game, Nomads of Driftland:! The giveaway is available throughout the whole Sale duration.
Apart from the giveaway though, here’s some deals:
Lumencraft (-50%)
Driftland: The Magic Revival (-90%)
Scorchlands (-40%)
Danger Scavenger (-90%)
And let’s not forget to wishlist their upcoming gem: First Dwarf!
Our next brilliant candidate is Movie Games, known for immersive simulators. Whether you want to start your own gas station, open a brewery, or have fun with a fun on Alaskan roads with a truck – you’ll surely find something for yourself!
Here’s some of the deals:
Drug Dealer Simulator (-83%)
Brewpub Simulator (-24%)
Fire Commander (-33%)
MythBusters: The Game (-54%)
Lust from Beyond (-54%)
Plane Mechanic Simulator (-90%)
Step into the world of HypeTrain Digital! Survival games, adventures, shooters – they have it all, wrapped in an incredible narrative and unique designs.
Check out some of their deals:
Black Book (-60%)
Breathedge (-60%)
Jack Move (-35%)
Police Stories (-75%)
Quasimorph (-20%)
Stoneshard (-25%)
All events end on March 8th, 8AM UTC – check them out before they’re gone!