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miluthui: Instead of installing quicktime 4 and then removing the quicktime.qts in the game folder can we just replace it with the v4 one directly? Can someone upload just the file quicktime.qts version 4 so that I can test this?

EDIT: If using the new gog installer v2.0.0.10 there's no need to install quicktime at all because the movies are already converted to avi format but the game is stuttering so much it runs so slowly on my windows 8.1 gaming laptop which has the core i7-7500HQ and the GTX970M any idea how to fix it?
Septerra Core doesn't like when there are other processes running in the background (internet browser, MS Office, etc.).
I finally got it to work 100% it's really simple there's no need to install quicktime at all, first u need the old gog installer as the new installer doesn't have the old quicktime movie format anymore.

After installing the game just delete or rename QuickTime.qtp and QuickTime.qts in the game folder, download this zip file!fhIFGT5b!qaHCS3RcDey6vXo2c6umwogAL5VlZBTI-CVBDz8nmRk

and extract it to Windows\SysWOW64 (the files in the zip file are just the v4 QuickTime.qtp and QuickTime.qts) then run the game (You may need to set "Run this program as an administrator" for the game to work).

The movies play just fine and the game runs smooth no slow down at all.
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Oh, wow. Thank you!

I had tried doing something like that, but I totally forgot about SysWOW64.

I believe that should only work for 64 bit versions of Windows. If anyone is having trouble and has a 32 bit version of WIndows, I think it would be the Windows\System folder instead, but I can't check.