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Well, a few of my Facebook/personal friends are losing their shit over the alleged accidental killing of a tourist attraction by a dentist who has been demonized before the whole story could get released. Not just that but also social media.

Apparently, if you kill a lion that has a name regardless of circumstances or alleged circumstances, people will try to lynch you and your family. If you do what Planned Parenthood recently did, barely anyone makes a sound. If you screw over war veterans with excessive delays in help at the VA, people will either claim it was because a certain meaningless bill did not get passed or just simply ignore it and shove LGBT crap down people's throats.

I do not have enough info about the incident in Zimbabwe so I will not make judgment just yet. I will say that I support both trophy hunting and sport hunting because they are done within regulations that work with wildlife limitations, they support poor communities with food and wealth, and they do more for anti-poaching initiatives and open land preservation than animal rights groups, cameras, and police states have ever done in the past. This past incident doesn't change that.
Two customers called today, both wanting service visits. The first is about 6 hours from here and the other is about 8 hours away. I drive to within about an hour of the first customer on my way to the second.

The crappy part is that I was just in that area on yesterday (Tuesday), and got home Tuesday night. Stupid friggin' timing. If either one had called Tuesday instead of Wednesday, I'd have saved about 17 hours of drive time. As it is, I'll end up driving Sunday to be there first thing Monday.