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Deals so good, you won't want to fall asleep.
You remember back when you used to walk into a store, browse the shelves, pick out a game, and then buy it--all in the actual real world? We don't know about you, but most of us at have had our limbs atrophy to small vestigial nubbins since all of our shopping happens online these days. Of course, one thing that sometimes happens in real world stores with real world goods--particularly when they have a good sale--is that they run out of stock. Usually that means that the deal was so good that they couldn't keep up with demand.

Well, in the digital realm, this is usually pretty rare. How do you run out of stock on digital games, short of entropy devouring the universe? Well, we have gotten 101 games that will be on sale on the front page of, but the discounts are so high at the moment that we can't just sell an unlimited number of copies of these games: we are only able to sell a few at these discounts--up to 80% off--and once they're gone, they're gone.

So what games will be on sale in our Insomnia promo? Bestselling classics and new games alike. There will also occasionally be some free games in super limited numbers (like, 20 or 30 copies)--if you're fast enough on the trigger finger to pick 'em up, that is. The deal will run from now until we're out of "stock" of games for the sale, and games may show up more than once. So it's time to bathe in a tub of coffee*, dip some espresso**, snort an energy drink***, or do whatever else it takes to stay up so you don't miss out on the best deals on fantastic games on since summer.</p>
*This is probably not a good idea
**This is definitely not a good idea
***This is totally safe, though****
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GabiMoro: I say they will release 1 or 2 Lucas Arts games: perhaps Monkey Island 2, Kotor 2, Day of the Tentacle.
Grargar: Unless they are lying, nope.
Darm! Pehaps they were reffering to Star Wars Rebellion instead of the next installment of Lucas Art games.
Christmas Insomnia sale :) that would be cool
mrking58: Christmas Insomnia sale :) that would be cool
Chrisomnia: Yule Never Sleep!
A little later than stated, but The 12 Days Of Keanemas is now live!
Jack is back (and so are His Nordic pals)!
Ladies and gentlemen, our Lord and saviour Jack Keane has decided to bless us with his presence once more. The catch is that he will do so for a very limited time (only 4 days), so get to it!
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Start tallying up those Jack purchases for real, folks!
This special Nordic Promo could mean that its possible to ''borrow'' Jack for the next Insomnia~