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HieiTF76: I will upload it, then.

I will edit my message when the link will be ready.

Edit : (I removed the http part from the link because it seems the forum don't want to let me post it with it. Most browsers can accept an url with the http part anyway.

For "The Pandora Directive", I found that a patch was already done by someone else (jonathan66100) so I created a setup for this patch :

About Overseer, I didn't tried yet to do a french patch but if I do one, it'll be for the CD version (old GOG version) which is the most compatible. Right now, I have the original french one, so I need to find the original english one (not the gog one) to look at the differences (need to compare the original english one with gog's one and then the original english one with the original french one. That's how I did to create the french patch of UAKM).

Edit : About Overseer, I can't do a patch for the last gog version, the subs are embedded in the video files (there are already english, french and german subs in it), so it would rather need a way to modify the executable to activate those subs. I may be able to create a french patch but only for the previous version (the cd one).
Thanks ! I got them and I'll try them later.