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ScotchMonkey: I wish I was Iron Man
Granted! You were turned to steel in the great magnetic field. However, you remain motionless for all of eternity.

I wish for a remake of Daikatana without the NPCs.
zaine-h: I wish for a remake of Daikatana without the NPCs.
Granted: The new version looks, sounds, runs and plays's just a tad boring, as there are no in-game characters to interact with. At all. Not even bosses. And the game has no multiplayer modes of any kind. And it quickly becomes known as one of the most modding-unfriendly games of all time. But it's kinda fun just to walk around the different maps for a while, trying out the various awesome weapons....

Oh, and just for fun: John Romero hand-delivers the game to you -- and then makes you his bitch.

I wish I was an expert typist. (Not as a profession; I simply wish I was able to type quickly and flawlessly.)