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dtgreene: Granted, but you have to be a pagan to get it, and you also have to locate the Yule Log.

I wish that the Greek Neo-Nazis (in other words, the Golden Dawn) would disappear.
dick1982: done. they metamorph into somalians who all decide to join syrian ISIL, get deported back to greece by turkey, so they kill all greek politicians instead.

i wish for a militant pastafarian buckcake.
The result is something like:

I wish that a certain user would stop posting offensive content and about dislike of exploit talk, but that said user would continue to post informative and useful content about the game being discussed.

(Note that I have chosen not to name the user in question.)
The noname user quits forums and becomes the UN Head of Human Rights. And starts a blog about videogames and meninism.

I wish for Ubuntu to be officially supported by all hardware producers... in North Korea.