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Read any good books lately?
Getcomposted: Read any good books lately?
Yeah. The Real Frank Zappa Book.
good night people. see ya tomorrow. have to get up early.
mrmarioanonym: Yeah. The Real Frank Zappa Book.
For some reason, I've been going through an apocalyptic phase. I'm reading about all the ways (real and imaginary) the world could end.
So, I've got kaiju monsters roaming and stepping on things, zombies, pandemics, alien invasions and such for my fiction, and pandemics, natural disasters such as supervolcanoes erupting, meteorites impacting and the global warming for my non-fictional needs.

Sometimes, you just need to scare yourself silly. :P
Getcomposted: Read any good books lately?
I'm hoping to read this one some day:

BillyMaysFan59: So you like yourself, eh?

(quote for preservation ;)
Speaking of oneself in the third person is usually a sign of delusions of grandeur. ~_^
Ahaha :D Why does that not surprise me? ^__^

I just finished reading Kim Harrison's Into the Woods, which is an anthology of stories related to her Hollows series (as well as a few others.) Really enjoyed it!
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Err.. isn't this going too much OT?
mrmarioanonym: he has been banned from several places for scamming as Honey Scavenger (according to steamrep, i checked earlier).

trying to retrieve that which i saw. seems to have changed the name again.
BranjoHello: Here's some additional info, if it helps.
In the friend's list there's a "Funny_Slipper". Funny_Slipper is justaquickie's Steam profile...
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phaolo: Err.. isn't this going too much OT?
i don't know. you tell me :D