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Hi all! I'm brand new here and I must admit, I get confused easily! Having two kids with special needs will do that to you! (ok, having any kids at all will do that to you!)

Anyway, my name is Shelly.

Our first computer when I was little was a Vic 20. We had the cassette drive. My favorite game (that I actually finished) was "Young Arthur's Quest." Anyone remember that one? I also had Voodoo Castle, but got stuck on that one and since there was no internet in the stone ages....

We then upgraded to a Commodore 64 with a floppy drive! I had quite a few types of games that I loved from that thing! I loved the Infocom games. Also ones like Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island....I can't remember who made those, but they were amazing (back in the day!).

More "recently" I enjoyed games like Freddy Pharkus and the original Monkey Island games. And pretty much any Sierra game. There was another one that I really liked, but no clue what the name of it was! Like I said, I have kids!

My older son (who has had a kidney transplant - hence my screen name), grew up playing games like Freddie Fish and Putt Putt. Does anyone know where I could find those online? We have all of the original disks and my husband has managed to get them to work, but many of them are too scratched or even cracked to play. I saw that some are available for the iPad, but not all of them. I have a younger son who is at the age where he loves to play them too.

Wow, I must be desperate for some gamer interaction! Sorry this is so long! Mostly I talk to other parents about their kids with various special needs, so not a lot of fun talk!

If you've read all this, thanks! I'm looking forward to figuring out how to use this site and play some games!
don8life: sinpish
Hi and welcome! I found a game called Putt Putt, could it be the one you were looking for? here:
Hi don8life! Do you use steam? Some of humongous entertainment's games are on there now. That company published games like pajama Sam and putt-putt. You might want to check this out!
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