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Since the beta launch has begun, I figured a thread where people could introduce themselves would be useful for people to get to know each other. So I guess I'll start off first!

Well, as indicated by my user name, my internet moniker is Pugsley, but most people just called me Pug. I live up in Canada in the wonderful city of Montreal. As for gaming, well I started off in the early 80's with a Coleco and purchased the Atari adapter for it shortly after. Great system, lots of memories (Frantic Freddy anyone?! In the 90's I grew up mostly on Microprose (I was and still am a sucker for Civilization 1, my favorite of the series), Sierra, Lucas Arts, Bullfrog... the list just seems to go on! Of course in the late 90's, Interplay swept me away with all kinds of wonderful games like the Fallout Games, Planescape: Torment, and Baldur's Gate to name a few. Of course this is a pretty vague list, and so many titles elude me at the moment. Needless to say, I have a fascination with older titles, for both memories and wonderful, timeless game play. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about GOG and immediately signed up; a great concept and outlet for both people looking to catch up on a title they missed, and provides new players a cheap and easy way of acquiring those great old titles.

So lets hear your stories!
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I'm a relatively new gamer (for here, at least)-I only started in '97 with Total Annihilation. For quite a while, I was a purely FPS (Half-life and Unreal, most notably) and RTS, but, since 2004, with my purchase of KotOR, I started to get into RPGs. I only really started uncovering ye classiques like BG2, Deus Ex, and System Shock 2 in the last few years, though, as I was a bit too young to appreciate them back in the day. I'm from Texas (currently attending Rice University), and my name is Peter. Those of you who regularly visit Gamespot's System Wars forums* may recognize my username (or not-I'm not sure how well known I am there). I look forward to playing the amazing games up here-I've already gotten Freespace 2 (but not Fallout 1 or 2-I actually didn't like them very much when I bought them off of eBay a while back. Blasphemy, I know...)-and the ones that inevitably will be up here (I'm looking at YOU, Planescape: Torment).
*as ridiculous as those forums may be, they're rather interesting and filled with nuggets of news.
Hi, I've been gaming since my uncle showed me Doom and Carmageddon years back. I played consoles a lot (and still do) but labeled myself a "PC Gamer" when Half-Life came out. My favorite genres are RPG and FPS. I couldn't make a Top Ten list, but some of my favorites include Planescape: Torment, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Vagrant Story.
I also love to play No Limit Texas Hold 'em with my friends and co-workers.
I guess you can call me a relatively new gamer, but I've been on computers since I couldn't even read. Yeah, I'm a chick, enter the "boobs or gtfo". Thank god for this site. My game purchase and free game were Fallout 1 and 2. It will be nice not to have to beat them into submission just to play them.
I joined this site because of... well. Because of a bit of an incident a few years ago. Let's just say that it's bloody hard to find Planescape: Torment when you have no decent game stores with even half-decent bargain bins and such. The prices everywhere else were insane, too. Nice to know there's somewhere to go for old games now.
Yeah, me being relatively new to good old games makes me a bit late on the train for everything. I only played the Fallouts two years ago, it took me ages to get Torment, I was plain lucky that Baldur's Gate is still in weird forms of circulation... It's kinda sad, really. Now, System Shock 1 is so old that I couldn't even manage to play it. (2, though? Daaayumn.)
Anyway. Hi.
Hey, my name's Bryan. Although I first got a computer in 1998 at age 8, I didn't spend as much time playing games on that than on other consoles. I slowly progressed into a PC gamer (while still playing on consoles) in around 2003, so I'm here to catch up on games I might have missed out on.
Name's Richard, but I go by Mut on the web. I'm also a relatively new game, but I've always appreciated the old stuff. I got my start on the NES and Sega Systems back when gaming wasn't a social thing. I'm mostly a PC Gamer now as I can't scrape up enough cash to buy a next-console, but I still like to play my PS2. I've played Fallout 1 within the past six months, and that was an awesome experience. I started Fallout 2, but I haven't gotten round to finishing that.
Of the games I'm hoping to buy, I'm defintely looking forward to a release of the Monkey Island series, Deus Ex, and I forget....ha.
Greets to all and best wishes for Gog's future.
I hate to ruin everybody's day, but if there were 8000 people in the first wave of beta testers, this thread is going to either get real crowded real quick, or we'll be missing out on a lot of people.
Initial reservations aside, name's Bill, been playing games since DOS, oldies like Mission Critical, Starship Titanic, Day of the Tentacle, Grand Prix 2, Jetfighter 2, Starsiege: Tribes, Half Life, Command and Conquer, etc... I already own a few of these Good Old Games like Descent 2 (and the rare Vertigo missions, which I'm not sure GOG has) and Freespace, but I missed out on the Fallout series and others like MDK and Shogo.
On the personal side, I'm 19, Sophomore Electrical Engineer, and like bike-riding, golf, baseball, and basketball as much as I do video games. Really looking forward to GOG doing well.
My alias Lodion, I live in Perth Western Australia.
I've been playing PC games since my parents got one of the very first IBM XT computers in Australia. Years later I got my first PC: a 386SX. Ever since then I've been a PC gamer.
I'm SirBaron ¬¬,
I have played games since I emerged into this world 24 years ago, and I did try my hand at reviewing games at one point but got bored, nowadays I am making a SCI-FI Crysis mod called X32I.
Hey All,
I'm deejrandom, but you can call me Warren. Or deej..or dj..or just random heh.
I run, a web comic and general geek site. I've been playing PC games since the days of the Apple IIe (I Still think the modern versions of Wolfenstein don't come close to the depth Beyond Castle Wolfenstein had, even with the stick figure graphics.)
I'm a big RPG gamer, so I am looking forward to replaying the Black Isle RPG classics. Getting the Fallout series up is good, but I'd love to see the rest as well.
I am a retro gamer; If I likea game I tend to like it forever. Rarely have I went back to a game and thought "Wow this sucks now!" Usually, I thought it sucked then but played it anyway because I could only afford so many games a year. (Yes my mom didn't buy me my games....heh.) That has turned me in to a really picky gamer: I tend to only buy games I know I'll like...
Which is why this site is so intriguing. There are so many classic games that are hard to find or hard to run, or both. I like the idea of no DRM and am glad this is one of the founding features. I also like the idea of keeping the history of gaming alive; we need to have projects like this to document how games have evolved over the years.
(PSN, XBLA, and the Wii Virtual Console are doing a good job of that on the consoles.)
I look foward to interacting with you all and can't wait to start downloading!
Nezabyte here! I'm a big fan of old-school pc games, especially ones in the simulation, point-and-click adventure, and rpg genres. Some of my favorite ones are: Full Throttle, Lost Eden, Sanitarium, Fallout series, G-NOME, Wolf, Lands of Lore III, The Dig, Space Quest series, and Toonstruck.
I'm 20, going to college, and plan on becoming a game programmer :)
deejrandom: Hey All,
I'm deejrandom, but you can call me Warren. Or deej..or dj..or just random heh.
I run, a web comic and genbla bla bla

lol i think most of us will call you whatever the reply butten calls you :)
As for me, im a 20 year old gamer. i love old games. and i love new games.
i was a gamer on the amiga, and i owe it all to that machine.
About my alive life, i am an architect-assistent (thats not the real word, but that is what i do)
The first games i grabbed was fallout 1 2 and mdk 1 2. and with my free game i got fallout tactics. :)
Hi all!
I'm Shmutt, 25 year old Jedi from Singapore. Enthusiastic gamer, but lately finding less and less time to actually play any games. I blame my soon-to-be-wife, google reader and my job. I also maintain my blog at Working as a software tester.
I have been gaming since I got my first 386 PC when I was 14, given to me free from my dad's boss. At the time, highest end was a Pentium 100MHz. Now I game on the PC, Wii, DS and the iPhone. I have plans to add a PS3 to the mix as well soon.
My favourite genres are RPGs and strategy simulations (Civ, Simcity, etc), which is why I'm still an avid PC gamer, despite owning consoles. Consoles are great fun for parties or a 15-min brainless activity, but for depth and satisfaction, i still prefer my PC. There is just so much more you can do on the PC, given the better peripherals (keyboard-mouse vs gamepad) and better resolution (Monitor vs TV).
I'm really glad doesn't restrict game selection to geographical region (*cough* STEAM *cough*)! Just purchased Jagged Alliance 2 Unfinished Business and got Fallout 2 free! :)
Hi, me is Lexx. I am from germany, life now in Berlin since a year. :)
I play on a computer since I am 6 years old or so, that means, approx since 15 years now. I grow up with classics like Red Baron, some racing games from that I forgot the name, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Jagged Alliance, X-Com, Fallout, Albion, the black eye (das schwarze Auge), Command and Conquer, Incubation and lots of other stuff like that. My favourite genres are (c)RPGs, adventures and mostly turn-based games.
I also love to modify most games. Since the last 10 years or so, I edited so much games, that I can not count them all. Of course, the most time nothing specific was created or released, I just loved to play around with it. The last mods I created and released were my antigas-armor mod for Stalker and some mods for Fallout 2.
What disturbs me on actual games is, that so many potentially great games are dumped down for console gamers. This just sucks because I think, it destroys the ambience in the most cases.. :/
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Well as you can see from my avatar and nick, I love The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. I'm 43, live in the US. My first computer was an Apple//c back in 1984 (graduation present). Started playing computer games on it, with games like Might & Magic, Aztec, and Zork. Been building my own compatibles since 1988. Have a nice size collection of over 100 games for the PC, some of which I couldn't get to run anymore, but now thanks to GOG I'm getting them back :-)