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tfishell: Reader Rabbit confirmed. ;-)
Morrowind too :P

(3rd game on the 3rd row)
Here's a new Russian language tour of GOG, with lots of pictures.
Can't read a word of it, but the pictures are great. Thanks for posting!

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The Witcher 3, and, mentioned in the biggest Finnish newspaper. (Helsingin Sanomat, its extra issue "NYT"). In Finnish only, sorry.

TW3 is praised for how different and rough the story is (using as an example a dead fetus becoming a monster and in what different ways you can deal with it), how characters have several shades of grey (instead of being just good or bad) etc. Pretty much saying this is the best game in ages in its category, whatever category that is.

While the reviewer was playing the game on XBox One, is also mentioned as a "retro gaming store" or something like that. I was actually a bit surprised, I would have expected the reviewer would have pretended there is no PC version at all, or at best mentioned that the PC version can be bought from Steam. :)
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