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Tokyo Nampa Street (MSX)

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<a href="" class="light_un" target="_blank"></a> <br /> <br /> A homebrew-developed dating sim released in 1985 by Enix across multiple platforms (the MSX version plays at a lower resolution but with better animations). "Nampa" refers to the Japanese teenage-male culture based around picking up dates at public venues as a group. In this dating sim, potentially the first made in Japan, you have to manage your stay at a local hotel and, during the day, use your wiles in conversation to snag a girl for the night. The most crucial phase of the game is the restaurant conversation you have with a date, which involves careful selection of options from a text tree. There isn't a larger focus on plot like with most dating sims; though each girl you meet is unique, the game structure itself mirrors a particular schedule based around hooking up and breaking up relationships—Tokyo Nampa Street is all about dating mechanics, not long-term relationships. <br /> <br /> As such, this game will definitely need time for translation, as there are subtleties in conversation players will need to pick up on in order to succeed. Emulation's an easier task, as emulators like openMSX are available for emulating basically any MSX game ever released, and they'll provide the backbone for emulation standalones. This game may or may not still belong to Enix, as they weren't the original creators, just the publishers. Should finding the rights-holders prove difficult, then I recommend holding off on this game until a better window opens up. <br /> <br /> Footage: <a href="" class="light_un" target="_blank"></a>

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